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Why doesn't every school have this?

This concise and colorful little bundle makes multiplication so easy to understand, and grasp at its core. Even my 5 year old, who isn't necessarily some magical math whiz, started the pages with his older sister and it made total sense to him. I've seen tons of other math curriculums fumble their way through introducing multiplication and this is just so much smoother. I'm glad I got these pages for my daughter's summer enrichment because I think when he class starts learning it officially this fall it will make so much more sense, and she'll be ready for the rote-memory element. Definitely recommend as a review or add on supplement :)

Magic Resource

I got this book for my advanced 5 year old because he wanted the challenge of learning something new this summer, but I didn't want to push him into harder math that requires too much handwriting. This was honestly perfect! It was colorful and engaging, and so easy to understand. In fact, I sent the link over to our school's teacher as a possible resource for their whole class because it is so much easier to understand than their curriculum (as evidenced by my 5th grader still struggling with time). Within 3 days my son finished the first half and can tell time by hours. He usually gives up quickly and feels overwhelmed, but the use of white space and small chunks at a time were beyond perfect for him and he wanted to do extra. We'll work on the minutes next, and I think I'll have my 5th grader join us!

Buy this!

This product is an incredible value for the price. I know that the skill of "making ten" is super important and foundational, so it's great to have more fun ways to practice that my kids enjoy.

Exactly what math should be

Projects like this are what math should be. Real world application is what motivates kids. Kelli scores again!

Making Sense of Multiplication Facts

I love that the lessons don't assume the child knows the fundamentals and go step by step in words and pictures!

My daughter loves it!

I left this out for my daughter and she's SO excited! She hasn't put it down in the last couple of days.

Amazing product!!

The activities in the Make Ten book are so fun!!! Plus, the price was very reasonable. Thanks for the time and energy that went into making this and for keeping it accessible.

Not challenging enough

Personally, it was not as challenging as I thought it would be for 3rd grade. I wish there was a better preview of the forms. I paid for it hoping it would be great, unfortunately, I did not think it was.

Oh no! I'm so sorry this wasn't up to your expectations. I take feedback very seriously and will be incorporating your suggestions into future versions of this product.

My daughter gets excited about math!

My 9 year old has always been reluctantly unenthusiastic about math until we discovered Artful Math! I told her it was alright to take a few days to set all the reindeer free, but she was determined to complete every challenge in one morning!

Christmas Math Doodle Activities: Patterns, Puzzles, Color-By-Number and More!
Erin Sobota
Fun puzzles

My sons really enjoyed the logic puzzles and symbol sudoku in this fun holiday book. 🙌


We haven’t officially started it yet, but I have liked through and it looks really fun and I think my daughter will enjoy it. Great way to learn multiplication facts easier.

Another Big Hit!

Loved this, my 3rd grader LOVED this even more! She was challenged just enough to really spark that drive to figure it out and was so super proud of herself when she did. It took the perfect amount of time as well.

Turkey Trouble: A Thanksgiving Math Escape Adventure

Awesome Escape Room!

My kids loved doing this on Thanksgiving week.

A fun Thanksgiving activity!

We really enjoyed this today (Thanksgiving). Thank you for making it! Because we didn't have a group - just our own two kids - to add to the excitement, I printed off the Thanksgiving scavenger hunt cards from the Dating Divas (free) and used them to direct the kids to different locations in the house to find an envelope containing one of the Math Escape challenges. They worked as a team to solve the challenges. The challenges were just the right level and were varied enough to keep everyone's interest. When each challenge was completed, the kids I gave them the next scavenger hunt clue to find the next challenge. For us the lock code at the end gave the clue to find a stuffed turkey toy that gobbled. We all had so much fun , even Dad! We are all hoping you will make a Christmas one too!

I picked this up for our homeschool friends giving party after we enjoyed the Halloween one so much!

I broke the kids into teams of two (ranging from age 9-11) and gave them 40 mins. They needed a little guidance here and there but it was the perfect level of confidence and challenge. Thanks for another great activity!


Some of this was very challenging for my 3rd grader and that is perfect! She loved the designs and was eager to complete every page.

Fun homeschool experience!

We used this escape room for our homeschool math on Halloween. The kids loved it! It kept them focused, excited, and working together for almost an hour. I saved the print out to pack into our Halloween box for a surprise next year. Thanks for creating such a fun and challenging activity!


My 3rd grader was challenged and interested, the perfect combo! She escaped in about an hour and a half (some time spent looking for the clues). She and I were very pleased and she had fun doing math, woohoo!

More please!

This was soooooo much fun! So simple to prepare and the kids were super engaged. Please please make more of these! Christmas and Thanksgiving are both coming! Please consider creating more. They were brilliant!

My kids had a great time working on this. Perfect for Halloween day

Amazingly fun and educational

We used this in our 4th/5th Montessori classroom as part of our Halloween celebration. The kids loved it and had so much fun! It was a great collaborative learning experience. As teachers we loved that they had to practice delayed gratification while also reviewing math skills. Thank you so much for making this!

Awesome Halloween Math Fun

My daughters really enjoyed this escape room!

Great fun with math!

I appreciated that this required very little prep: print, cut apart one piece of paper, put pieces in an envelope, hide clues. That's it! There were a few times when my 9 year old daughter got stuck and needed some prompting from me. She had a really fun time with this, and when she finished she immediately asked me if there were any more of these she could do.

Halloween Math [ages 8-9)
Courtney Hartman
Daughter loved it!

My homeschooled kiddo requested Halloween-themed school activities and this was absolutely perfect. She has quite a bit of math anxiety but did it all very happily, even multiplication. :)