Kitten Math: The Worlds' Most Adorable Math Project

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"Kitten Math made math fun for me. I didn't want it to end!" --Ellie, age 8

Welcome to the imaginary world of Kitten Math, an interactive workbook that teaches your child math while she gains real-world skills of fostering and caring for orphaned kittens.

Written by an experienced math teacher and kitten foster mom, each kitten activity weaves in everyday math in a way that feels natural and fun. Kids learn as they go, making sense of math with visual examples and authentic practice activities throughout the book.

Your child will learn the details of bottle feeding, creating a feeding schedule, weighing, shopping for supplies, even designing a kitten room.

Even kids who normally hate math happily immerse themselves in page after page of activities using addition, multiplication, decimals, area, money, percents, ratios, and more.

By the end of their Kitten Math adventure, your child will have a solid grasp of 3-5th grade math skills--and more importantly, the confidence that comes with understanding and having fun with math!

"My reluctant dyslexic homeschooler spent HOURS with this workbook. It was right up her animal-loving heart’s alley. Best purchase of the year! I only wish there were more math books like this." --Katie's mom

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Specific math skills included in Kitten Math:
  • adding a column of 2-digit numbers
  • adding decimal numbers (money)
  • rounding decimals
  • reading and creating a line graph
  • interpreting charts
  • elapsed time
  • division with and without remainders
  • fractions
  • liquid measurement (ml)
  • weight measurement (grams)
  • subtracting 3-digit numbers
  • ratios
  • comparing numbers
  • understanding 50% off
  • finding half of odd numbers and prices
  • finding area
  • drawing a map to scale
  • measurement length and width
  • rounding inches to feet
  • multiplication arrays
  • being creative and flexible with math
  • word problems

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**This is an instant digital download--nothing will be shipped. The complete ebook will be available immediately upon purchase to print out and use. 

If you prefer a physical workbook to write in, the paperback version of Kitten Math is available on Amazon. 

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Quan
Loads of cute fun!!!

We just started on our Kitten Math journey. And it has been an adorable experience. Highly recommend it.

Althea M
Kitten Math is awesome!

My daughter loved it! Thank you!!

Katie's Mom
Buy this book!

My reluctant dyslexic homeschooler spent HOURS with this workbook. It was right up her animal-loving heart’s alley. Best purchase of the year! I only wish there were more math books like this.

Grandma Joyce
More, please!

I’m here to beg Ms. Pearson for volume II. My 11 year old very artistic, animal loving, math hating granddaughter was given this in hopes she’d fill out a few pages, enough to keep up her skills over the summer. I bribed 6 of my grandchildren with candy once their various, age appropriate workbooks were complete. (Yeah, yeah I know! Evil word: “Bribes.” Pleading “grandma privilege” here!). Two days later, I’m presented with every single page of Kitten Math carefully, neatly, and accurately filled out and accolades galore on how much fun it was to answer all the questions and solve the problems. She requested a follow up book as well, so here I am, hoping there might be one in the works! Truly delightful and effective in every single way possible!

So much fun!

I bought this book for my 4th grade daughter. She really LOVES this book and carries it in her backpack to school with her just in case she has extra time in the day and can work in this book. "Taking care" of the kittens and helping them to grow has been such a fun basis for weaving in math based activities such as "shopping" for the cats and weighing and feeding them. There are additional printable games to play as well and she enjoys playing those. All in all it has been fantastic and a great way to encourage my daughter to "do math!"