Reindeer Rescue: A Christmas Math Escape Adventure

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Reindeer Rescue: A Christmas Math Escape Room is fun and exciting way for your kids to practice math skills as they play!

It all starts with a story. Santa's reindeer have mysteriously vanished--whisked away to the Enchanted Forest by an overly mischievous elf.

The only way to bring them back in time for the Christmas run is to solve the elf's puzzles and find each reindeer's magic word before it's too late!

As your child embarks on a quest to save Christmas, they'll also be thinking and reasoning, persevering with tricky problems, and building confidence in math--without even realizing it. 

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Math Skills Your Child Will Use: 

  • multiplication arrays
  • graph coordinates
  • word problems
  • rounding and place value
  • elapsed time
  • even, odd, and number sense
  • addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • logical reasoning and problem solving

What’s Included: 

  • Simple explanations that you can read in minutes
  • Quick checklist and tips
  • Intriguing story to set the stage
  • 9 engaging puzzles with rhyming clues
  • Code Map answer sheet 
  • Congratulations letter
  • Child badges
  • Answer Key

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—> What age range is this best for? 

The math level of the puzzles is best for 3-5th grade. 

—> How many kids can do this at a time? 

It can be played by a handful of kids in a homeschool setting, or as many as 28 when working in small groups. The 7 puzzles can be solved simultaneously in any order. 

—> How much prep time can I expect? 

The prep mainly consists of printing, a little cutting, and hiding the puzzles around the room--no more than about 30 minutes. 

—> How can an escape room help my child? 

When your child does math, they might get anxious, worry about making mistakes, or give up easily. 

They might work quickly to get through it as fast as possible--impatient at having to "think" or puzzle out a difficult problem. 

But an escape room feels different. The stakes are lower; they are more willing to take risks. Mistakes are not a big deal, because it's just a game. 

That means there are more opportunities for persistence and creative thinking when they meet challenges--and a high chance they will figure it out on their own. 

They come away with a sense of confidence and pride that they CAN do hard math...and that's priceless!


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My daughter gets excited about math!

My 9 year old has always been reluctantly unenthusiastic about math until we discovered Artful Math! I told her it was alright to take a few days to set all the reindeer free, but she was determined to complete every challenge in one morning!