Telling Time: A Real-World Activity Book [74 pages]

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Not knowing how to read a clock is frustrating for your child AND for you.

The practical skill of Telling Time will give your child a sense of control and autonomy--and more confidence to navigate the changing world around them. 

As they make their way through the Telling Time Activity Workbook, your child will master the many skills of reading a clock, in a way that feels easy and fun. 

The clear, step-by-step format helps kids truly master each step so they avoid confusion later, and feel confident even with tricky times and clock faces. 

Your child will learn to confidently: 

  • know the difference between the hour and minute hand
  • read and write digital times
  • understand AM and PM
  • accurately identify the hour (not just at "o'clock")
  • tell time to hour and half hour
  • skip count by 5s, 15s, and half hours around the clock
  • tell time to the nearest 5 minutes
  • quickly identify the quarter hours (:00, :15, :30, and :45 minutes)
  • understand language "half past", "a quarter past", "a quarter till"
  • tell time to the minute
  • read a variety of real-world clock faces 
  • tell time on clocks with missing numbers or Roman numerals
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Younger children can stop at any point that begins to feel difficult, and can pick up the more advanced lessons a little later. 

Older kids should start at the beginning. They may work through the first lessons quickly, and that's fine, but it will form the foundation for more advanced skills. 


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Customer Reviews

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Magic Resource

I got this book for my advanced 5 year old because he wanted the challenge of learning something new this summer, but I didn't want to push him into harder math that requires too much handwriting. This was honestly perfect! It was colorful and engaging, and so easy to understand. In fact, I sent the link over to our school's teacher as a possible resource for their whole class because it is so much easier to understand than their curriculum (as evidenced by my 5th grader still struggling with time). Within 3 days my son finished the first half and can tell time by hours. He usually gives up quickly and feels overwhelmed, but the use of white space and small chunks at a time were beyond perfect for him and he wanted to do extra. We'll work on the minutes next, and I think I'll have my 5th grader join us!

Filling in our gaps in a fun way

My kids are kind of struggling with the concept of reading a Clock, and I can't blame them because most clocks these days are digital, so I decided to take a chance on this little packet to see if it would help. The pages are colorful, and the activities are engaging. I really like the order that it's presented in. I think my kids are going to learn so much from this. We just barely scratched the surface of the first lesson but I can tell already that this feels like a good fit for our family.