Chocolate Shop: A Marvelously Mouthwatering Math Project

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Has your child ever asked you, "WHYYYY do I have to learn math??"

Get your creative kid excited about math by designing and selling (imaginary) chocolates!

Your child will experience firsthand the importance of math as they add the costs to make chocolates, tally up their boxes, figure out profit and shipping, and "sell" to family and friends. 

Most of the math skills in this project are based on money decimals, but your child will also get real-world practice with bar models, fractions, and percents

Creative kids will show off their imagination and link their skills to math--and maybe even plant the seeds to become a young entrepreneur!

Your child will: 

  • graph results of interviews
  • design chocolates
  • add the cost of ingredients
  • price boxes based on profit margin
  • calculate shipping fees
  • "sell" to friends, family, and (pretend) online orders
  • double and halve a recipe
  • practice math skills in the context of chocolates

There are 40 pages, and the complete project should take approximately 5-6 hours to complete. 

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    The math includes: 

    • adding, subtracting, and multiplying with decimals
    • multiplication arrays
    • fractions of a set
    • 3D shapes
    • making and interpreting bar models
    • understanding percentages (basic concept)
    • doubling and halving numbers, including fractions
    • problem solving

    **This is an instant digital download--nothing will be shipped. 

    Your ebook pages will be available immediately upon purchase to print out and use. 


    FAQ: Will my child make and sell actual chocolates? 

    To be clear, this is an imaginary adventure, and the chocolate design and "selling" all happens on paper. 

    However, because no chocolate project would feel complete without actual chocolates, there are recipes at the end for actual homemade truffles and Reese's bars that your child can make at home. 🍫💝

    Customer Reviews

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    Michelle Jarvie
    Exactly what math should be

    Projects like this are what math should be. Real world application is what motivates kids. Kelli scores again!

    faith peterson
    A range of math skills

    It has excited both boys who are very separate in age. The simple layout hides some major math concepts in a real world application. In short, it is fun.

    Seran Eves
    Thank You!

    I haven’t used it yet but I am very excited to get started with it! I know the children will love it! A very engaging unit.

    Laura Brownstein
    Very Engaging Math!

    This unit is great. It not only looks pretty, it also engages my 11 year old daughter in the math. She actually seems to enjoy working through the pages and is learning.

    Love It!

    Chocolate Math is so well thought out and put together. This was the perfect unit to start after Kitten Math. We absolutely love Kelli's math programs!