Escape From Haunted Mansion: A Spooky Math Adventure

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The Haunted Mansion Escape Room is the perfect way to help your kids build important skills in number sense and place value, while giving them a special “treat” for Halloween!

As kids have fun solving puzzles and figuring out clues, they’re thinking and persevering, working together, and deepening their math knowledge without even realizing it. 

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Your Child Will Learn:

  • working with hundreds, tens, and one
  • adding hundreds, tens, and ones
  • sorting and ordering numbers to 200
  • odd and even numbers
  • missing numbers in a pattern
  • logical reasoning and problem solving

What’s Included: 

  • Simple explanations that will make you feel like an escape room pro in minutes
  • Quick prep checklist and tips for guiding your child’s adventure
  • Halloween story that sets the stage
  • 7 full-color puzzles with rhyming clues
  • Code Map answer sheet for each child
  • Letter from the ghost congratulating them on their escape
  • “I Escaped” badges
  • Answer Key

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—> What age range is this best for? 

The math level of the puzzles is best for 3-4th grade. 

—> How many kids can do this at a time? 

It’s possible to play with one child, but it gets more fun with a minimum of 3. 

A maximum of about 25 can play at a time, since kids can play in groups and the puzzles can be solved in any order. 

—> How much prep time can I expect? 

The prep mainly consists of printing, a little cutting, and hiding the puzzles around the room. 

The total prep time, including reading the intro material, takes around 30 minutes. 

—> How can an escape room help my child? 

It gives your child a feeling of success doing math while doing something they enjoy. This helps your child feel less anxious and more confident about math. 

When your child has been resisting math for awhile, or is starting to say they’re bad at math, an escape room can be a great “re-set” button to  start liking math again!

 **This is an instant digital download--nothing will be shipped. The complete ebook will be available immediately upon purchase to print out and use. 


Customer Reviews

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Fun homeschool experience!

We used this escape room for our homeschool math on Halloween. The kids loved it! It kept them focused, excited, and working together for almost an hour. I saved the print out to pack into our Halloween box for a surprise next year. Thanks for creating such a fun and challenging activity!

Gloë E

My 3rd grader was challenged and interested, the perfect combo! She escaped in about an hour and a half (some time spent looking for the clues). She and I were very pleased and she had fun doing math, woohoo!

Tessa McCoy
More please!

This was soooooo much fun! So simple to prepare and the kids were super engaged. Please please make more of these! Christmas and Thanksgiving are both coming! Please consider creating more. They were brilliant!

Sara Hendrickson

My kids had a great time working on this. Perfect for Halloween day

Amazingly fun and educational

We used this in our 4th/5th Montessori classroom as part of our Halloween celebration. The kids loved it and had so much fun! It was a great collaborative learning experience. As teachers we loved that they had to practice delayed gratification while also reviewing math skills. Thank you so much for making this!