Miss Brain's Cool Math Games [grades 1-3]

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Ditch the drill and fling those flash cards in the recycle bin… now there’s a better way to learn math!

Kids need lots and lots of repetition to get good at math. They need to experience it in many ways for it to make sense. And they have to WANT to learn, or the learning just won't stick. 

A good math game can:

  • reduce math anxiety (this is HUGE)
  • make math fun
  • activate multiple parts of the brain so she learns faster
  • help her make sense of math
  • give far more practice than traditional study methods
  • build confidence
  • help her think of herself as good at math

She begins thinking of math as something she LIKES to do. 😻 The more she plays, the better she'll get at math--without even realizing it! 

 🎲     🎲      🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲     🎲        


Say your child is learning odd and even. You choose a game, skim over the super-simple rules in the book, and play it with your child. 

15 minutes later, your child feels confident, the two of you are laughing, you're happy and connected...and your child totally understands odd and even numbers!

The topics in this volume include: 

  • number sense (odd and even, place value, comparing numbers)
  • addition 
  • subtraction 
  • counting money 
  • intro to multiplication and division

If you prefer a physical book to hold in your hand, the paperback version of Miss Brain's Cool Math Games is available on Amazon. 

**This is an instant digital download--nothing will be shipped. All the games will be available immediately upon purchase to print out and use. 

Customer Reviews

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Meridith P
Math club!

I decided to start a ten week math club for my son's class of 7 and 8 year olds. Wow, was it a challenge to come up with activities until I found this gem of a book. So grateful for the shared insights, and I will definitely be on the look out for more content from this author.

Easy and fun

My son, age 6, is having a lot of fun with these games. They are easy to set up and understand quickly, and work on relevant skills.

Loved by my 2nd (almost 3rd) grader

I picked this up to see if we could make some math concepts easier and more fun and this book exceeded my expectations. My kid loves playing these and asks all the time to play these games with us. Pretty darn cool.

Loved by mom and first grader!

I bought this to supplement my first grader’s homeschool math curriculum and have not been disappointed! We’ve played a few games and they have been super fun. I would definitely recommend this! All the stuff you need to play each game is stuff you already have around the house.

Amy C
Good activities

This book has many great, quick games for elementary students and upper grades who need remediation.