Miss Brain's Cool Math Games [grades 1-3]

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Make math time almost as fun as recess with engaging math games that get kids excited to learn and practice new skills.

With Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games, you’ll bring laughter and joy back into your homeschool or classroom, with your kids actually begging you to "please, play just one more game"!

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What Makes Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games Different

1. They feel like real games

Kids can tell the difference between a truly fun game, and one that’s just math drill in disguise. These are games they’ll beg to play over and over again.

2. Each game focuses on ONE very specific skill

This gives kids a ton of practice in the exact area they need help with. Kids learn and improve just by playing the game.

3. Kids of mixed abilities can play together

The games are set up so winning doesn’t depend on speed or how much math kids already know. Winning a math game can be a huge confidence boost for a struggling kid.

4. Built in differentiation

Most games include a “level up” option for an extra challenge. With one easy tweak, kids at very different levels can enjoy and learn from the same game. 

5. Perfect for both learning new skills and math review

Use a game to introduce a topic, practice a new skill, or review last year's math. Your kids will ask to play again and again, which means even more skills practice. 

6. Kids stop feeling anxious and become open to learning

As one math-anxious child told me, “In a game, mistakes don’t count.” Games may be the one place a child can relax enough to learn math.

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Tips On How to Use the Games

Most of the games are intended for 2-4 players, which makes them ideal for homeschool, classroom centers, math menus, or early finishers.

Print the game pages on colored card stock and slip into a clear sheet protector.

You can put the score sheet back-to-back in the same sheet protector. You can write on them with dry erase markers, then just wipe off for each new game.

Store the printed game pages in a file folder to pull whenever you need them. 

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What’s Included

There are two volumes of Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games. This first volume has games for grades 1-3, and covers most math topics:

Topics include:

  • number sense
  • place value
  • odd and even
  • comparing and ordering numbers
  • greater and less than
  • counting to 100
  • counting on
  • addition facts
  • making ten
  • adding many numbers
  • regrouping
  • adding 2- and 3-digit numbers
  • subtraction facts
  • subtracting 2-digit numbers
  • counting coins
  • adding tens and ones
  • adding money
  • multiplication concept (groups)
  • multiplication arrays
  • finding half of a number


NOTE: This is a digital, instant download—nothing will be shipped. The games are available immediately upon purchase to print and use.


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Customer Reviews

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Jen Schmidt
Great variety of games

I like that the games range for ability and skill and use pretty basic materials! My daughter loves learning through games so this will be great!

Meridith P
Math club!

I decided to start a ten week math club for my son's class of 7 and 8 year olds. Wow, was it a challenge to come up with activities until I found this gem of a book. So grateful for the shared insights, and I will definitely be on the look out for more content from this author.

Easy and fun

My son, age 6, is having a lot of fun with these games. They are easy to set up and understand quickly, and work on relevant skills.

Loved by my 2nd (almost 3rd) grader

I picked this up to see if we could make some math concepts easier and more fun and this book exceeded my expectations. My kid loves playing these and asks all the time to play these games with us. Pretty darn cool.

Loved by mom and first grader!

I bought this to supplement my first grader’s homeschool math curriculum and have not been disappointed! We’ve played a few games and they have been super fun. I would definitely recommend this! All the stuff you need to play each game is stuff you already have around the house.