Kitten Math - Classroom Edition - NO PREP [Grades 3-5]

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** This is the CLASSROOM VERSION of Kitten Math. For the home version, click here. 
Give your kids a totally unique math experience that even your math “haters” will eagerly look forward to!

Kitten Math is an adorable, real-world adventure that gives your kids an exciting reason to learn math.

Each child will choose their own four (imaginary) foster kittens to take care of over the next 4-6 weeks.

As they care for their kittens, they’ll also learn the math they need for each activity: bottle feeding, mixing formula, weighing, shopping, designing a kitten room, and more!

The math skills in Kitten Math are best suited for grades 4, or as review for 5th.
These math skills include:
  • adding a column of 2-digit numbers
  • adding decimals (money)
  • rounding decimals to nearest whole number
  • creating a line graph
  • interpreting charts and data
  • elapsed time
  • division with and without remainders
  • liquid measurement (ml)
  • weight measurement (grams)
  • subtracting from 2- and 3-digit numbers
  • ratios
  • comparing decimals
  • percents 50% off
  • finding half of an odd number
  • finding area
  • draw a map to scale
  • estimating length and width
  • multiplication arrays
  • mixed skill reasoning with real-world problems
Your students will gain a meaningful understanding of 4th grade skills, and the confidence that comes from understanding and enjoying math!

What’s the best way to work this into my school day?
Kitten Math is best suited to math centers and independent work. It can also be an option for homework.

What if my kids don’t know all the math skills yet?
Kitten Math works as a way to introduce a new math skill, or reinforce something kids have been working on already. The meaningful context makes it easy to understand, no matter what their previous ability.

What is included in Kitten Math Classroom?
-Intro video
-CCSS math standards list
-60 pages of engaging math activities
-Fun math games for skills practice
-Slides for class sharing
-Achievement Award certificate
-Answer key
-Online bonus materials:
    •     Actual videos of how to foster kittens
    •     Videos of how to play the games
    •     Progress path motivation chart
    •     Interview with an 11-year-old foster
    •     Math drawing and symmetry activities
    How long does this project take?
    If you do all of the activities, and work on it a few times each week, it could last between 6-8 weeks.

    Can I adapt Kitten Math to my class?
    Yes! Kitten Math Classroom is set up to be flexible. It’s easy to customize to your class and schedule.

    The original Kitten Math has sold more than 10,000 copies (read reviews here). This all-new classroom version brings all the fun of the workbook to an easy-to-use, exciting classroom experience!

    **This is an instant digital download--nothing will be shipped. The complete ebook will be available immediately upon purchase to print out and use. 

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