Multiplication Facts BUNDLE [212 PAGES]

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Knowing multiplication facts is one of the MOST IMPORTANT math skills your child will learn in elementary school. 

Kids should ideally master all their times tables by fourth grade, before they tackle higher level math skills (division, fractions, etc). 

A lot of kids feel frustrated and overwhelmed as they struggle with multiplication facts. (There are a total of 144 separate facts!) To an 8-year-old, it can feel impossible.

But with the right strategy, kid-friendly practice, and a range of activities to reach your child's learning style, learning multiplication facts becomes simple...and fun!

  • Context that makes sense: Understand multiplication in meaningful ways, so right off the bat she knows what multiplication is for.
  • Patterns and connections: See the big picture, and visualize how different fact patterns fit together. (She'll use this later to solve harder problems.)
  • Speedy Solver tricks: Learn how to solve multiplication facts quickly without counting on fingers--even if you haven't memorized them all yet.
  • Fun games: Laser focused on that exact multiplication fact, these games work way better than flash cards to build skills with multiplication facts.
  • Playful practice: A variety of kid-friendly puzzles, games, and crafts to practice those skills over and over until they become automatic.
  • Show What You Know: Math practice pages and blank multiplication chart let kids show what they've learned--and celebrate!
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The Multiplication Facts Bundle includes the following printable activity packs. 

Even if your child has already learned some of the easier facts, it's a good idea to go through all of the modules as review to make sure she has a solid foundation before moving onto the harder facts. 

Easier facts, such as x1, x2 and x10, are often used as benchmarks to solve the harder facts. The activities and skills build on each other, so I recommend working through them in this order:


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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Giles
Amazing Program

When nothing else has worked... Try this! It's amazing. Open and go, fun, engaging and written so students with learning differences can excel with it too.
I absolutely love this program, after years of trying other things! I hope a full curriculum is next!!

Amy Reddick

Multiplication Facts BUNDLE [212 PAGES]

Carina Dunn
Can't get enough of this author!

Such talent in writing curriculum should be shared with all! I've purchased nearly every item on her website. My daughter's least favorite subject is math but somehow this author makes it fun. I can't recommend her enough. Well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are quite welcome! ❤️

Fun Times Fun!

My kid hasn't started on these yet but she will soon! I am so impressed with the thoughtful layout. My hunch is that my daughter won't even know she's doing math. The illustrations captivate a certain audience so well.

Excellent guide!

This came at just the right time! It has been a great guide to understand multiplication and practice. My daughters love how cute it is and both of them are really getting the concepts (so am I! I came from a memorize all the multiplication tables background and I have found the tricks so useful, too!) I never have a fight about math now!